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Civil Rights/ Employment Discrimination Defense

Proven Employment Lawyers for Government Officials

The southwestern United States can be a challenging region for defending government officials and private employers accused of civil rights violations or employment discrimination. At Windle Hood Norton Brittain & Jay, LLP, we have the knowledge and experience to evaluate and defend your case, fight for your rights at trial and, if necessary, represent you on appeal at any level in the courts of Texas and New Mexico.

If you are facing false or unfair allegations, we will work all legal angles on your behalf.

Defending Municipalities, City Officials and Police Officers

Led in this area by attorney Eric M. Brittain, we aggressively defend municipalities, police officers, officials, and other government entities and employees Section 1983 actions. Such civil rights cases can involve allegations of:

  • Police misconduct, including allegations of excessive force, the use of restraints, wrongful arrest, sexual abuse or actions causing a wrongful death
  • Abuse of authority by government officials and employers, including police chiefs, mayors, aldermen, departmental directors and municipal employees in their individual and official capacities

Extensive Experience With Employment Law, Working for You

Our partner Joseph L. Hood has defended many private employers in employment discrimination and wrongful discharge cases. His defense experience extends to:

  • Employment discrimination based on age, race, national origin, gender and disability
  • Other alleged civil rights violations including sexual harassment, retaliation and suppression of First Amendment rights

We represent both large and small governmental entities, working in concert with city attorneys as well as representing officials where the community does not have the resources to maintain full-time legal counsel. We emphasize clear, direct communication with our clients in preparing the strongest possible defense case.

Proactive, Knowledgeable Lawyers Can Help You Avoid Litigation

In the area of employment law, we also consult with municipalities and private companies wishing to prevent litigation by better understanding the law. We can advise you on considerations such as showing just cause for a termination and in handling disciplinary actions in a manner designed to avoid or improve your position in any future litigation.

Similarly, we respond to police departments’ needs to understand what actions are legal in the treatment of a suspect in custody. The decision to contact us before you take a potentially controversial action can be a critical decision for your professional standing and future.

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